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Appendix: Collectors and Others

From time to time I get inquiries from people who wish to `advertise' a particular interest related to card modeling, but who don't have sufficient Internet presence (i.e. their own home page) to do this themselves. Hence this page. If you share an interest with one of the persons quoted below, please contact them. (Note: contact them directly--don't rely on me to forward inquiries or comments.)

If you want to be listed here, send me an e-mail. I will add your comments to this page as promptly as I can (I have a day job, so don't expect miracles.) Note that several of the people listed here have done something to deserve a favour from me, for example, made a contribution to the Card Modeling FAQ (big hint there.) You can draw your own conclusions about how this might affect how promptly I get to your request.

Steve Brown

From Thomas Pleiner <>: I've been an enthuiastic card modeller since the late sixties and even stepped into card-model business in the mid-seventies. For J. F. Schreiber I did several models like "Koelner Dom" or "Schloss Linderhof".These had been published in 1989 and 1990. In the early eighties I designed a model of a nuclear power plant with removeable roofs and detailed interior for SIEMENS. My latest design is the german WWII heavy cruiser "Prinz Eugen" in 1:250 scale. This model appears on 18 A3 sheets and consists of more than 6000 parts. A photo of the model would be available.

I would like very much to establish a constant communication about card modelling using internet features but sadly enough there's no personal homepage for me.

Maybe you can update your FAQ with my e-mail address and we'll see what will happen.

From David Toor <>:

I'm a collector of Micromodels and would like to complete my collection, unlikely as that possibility may sound. I am looking for the following kits:

It's a long list, and I know there's not much chance of my being able to obtain most of them. But I thought I'd try.

As you can probably surmise, the ones not on the list are the ones I already have, most in multiple copies, even the ones rated by Myles Mandell as Scarce. The only ones I have single (or double) copies of are S XIV Two Lifeboats; ARC XIII Shakespeare's Globe Theatre; AV II Bleriot Monoplane and Wright Biplane.

The reason I mention my own collection is that I would be willing to swap some of my scarce kits for those I don't have.

Most of the kits I have I bought in London in 1972 at Watford Model Supply. I met the young man who was running it then. Does anyone know if they're still in business? They were also selling some of their own kits, QuickCards, they were called. I have a supply of their Set.L1 Three Shops (N Gauge), and Set.T1 Ex West Ham 1910 Tramcar (OO Gauge). He also brought out some kits under the name Lilliput Miniatures, of which I have a lovely kit of a London Bus of 1930 (only a single copy). I should say that I also have multiple original copies of two books issued by Micromodels: Making Models in Card (1955), and The Microputian Population (1950).

Further, somewhere in the recesses of my storehouse are single copies of the Putnam versions of the four kits they brought out for a short time. I haven't seen them for a while, but I should be able to put my hands on them should I ever desire to copy and build them.

David Toor
PO Box 4
Roxbury, ME 04275
207 364-7427
fax: 207 364-4336

from Clark Britton <>: I have two models of the Titanic. One is a 40 page book published by TACO Verlagsgesellschaft und Agentur GmbH, Berlin Scale l:200 and a 24 page book published by Chatham River Press which contains three models of the Titanic: one sinking, one a portion of the caraft on the bottom, the other is the complete ship, all in one package. Both are in A1 condition. I am seeking either a (1) Micromodels Aldergate (ARC.X) C 6 cards color or (2) A Faneuil Hall by Landmark Models copyright 1974.

from Kell Black <>: I've recently come across two paper items, and I'd like more information on them.

The first is a loaf of bread. (Really!) It's a life sized, nicely colored, commercially prouduced product and appears to be a package. No markings whatsoever as to publisher, printer, date, etc. One of my colleagues gave it to me and he said that he'd had it "forever." (He's been teaching 25 years.)

The second is a a cardboard kit to be colored, cut, folded and glued, and it's called "A Home in Palestine. A House and the People who lived in it." The original envelope is still intact, the kit unbuilt, and the cover names "Minor-Bryant" and the publisher, "C.R. Gibson & Company, Norwalk, Conn." No date. Another of my colleagues spotted this at a flea market recently and picked it up for a dollar.

Any background on the above two items would be greatly appreciated!

from David Kemnitzer <>: I have the House in Palestine. The kit was published for use in Sunday school a long time ago. They also published a Village in Palestine which I have. Both models are line rather than fully rendered which leads me to belive they were also meant to be a coloring project. I have never seen others by the same publisher nor do I know more about the publisher.
from Kell Black <>: I recently bought six large sheets, 13" x 17", of WWII era landing vehicles. There are six different types of landing craft on the pages: infantry landing craft, tank landing craft, amphibian landing craft, landing craft support, amphibian lc (duck) andlanding craft mechanized. There are at least two models of each craft. The models are black and white line art on a roughly 65 lb. heavy paper stock. The sheets are part of a larger book (there are staple holes on the left hand edges) and the pages are numbered 22 through 27. Can anyone tell me more about these?

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